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epr_paradox wrote in citycollegeofny
Hey, I thought it would cool for us to introduce ourselves.

Stating your name, major, what do you think about the college, what do you think needs improving, clubs, and just feel free to add anything.

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Hi, I'm Mollie. I was accepted to the freshman class of 2013. Haven't visited it yet. I thought I was gonna major in poli sci but I'm not sure now. (Does anyone have any experience with that major? I'm looking for a urban/social/public policy focus, not just boring old American Govt courses.) I've been looking for a CCNY lj community for a while, and it's unfortunate that this is all that I found (but thanks for the effort). This isn't representative of the school, is it? I'm really curious about the school environment and everything, but I guess I'll find out on the 15th when I take my tour and the 14th when I stop by for my placement test. =)


Hello Mollie,

Congrats on the acceptance! Unfortunately, I have no experience with the polisci major as I'm doing Engineering at CCNY but I believe a friend of mine is doing international studies and might be of help regarding some of the classes. She took a FIQWS Poli Sci introductory course and loved it.

I'm sure you've already accessed this link but here's a list of courses that political science majors have to take

The faculty seems really good and there are two distinguished professors (make sure you get to know them better ;P)

The school environment is pretty good. People are nice, there are a variety of clubs to join (including history and Model UN which might be of interest to you).

Sorry I couldn't really help but I hope everything goes well.

Hey, thanks a lot. I'm reconsidering the poli sci major lol. I'll be at CCNY for the first time tomorrow and Wednesday. Would you say there is quite a bit of political activism? I'm getting more and more excited to go to CCNY, I hope I'm not let down. Thanks =)

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