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Money questions!!
iluvnooyawk wrote in citycollegeofny
Hey everyone (all.... 3 of us?),
I have two questions.

One. When you entered as a freshman (assuming you did), when did you get your financial aid information? I had to update more FAFSA stuff, and they haven't sent me anything yet. Obviously I need it before May 1st, and the deadline is getting pretty close.... Also, how was the aid you received? My family and I need quite a bit...

Two. So, there are no meal plans? I'm relying almost entirely on financial aid, and I have no idea what I'm going to do if I can't find a job in the city, or even worse if I don't have time/energy to keep a job. No one is starving, right?


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yeah i'm anxiously awaiting for my award letter...especially since 5/1 is tomorrow *sigh* but there are no meal plans. i asked on the tour when i first came here lol. i'm in training to become an orientation leader so yeah i know for sure lol

There's no meal plan. You could always eat out or make something at home. Are you going to dorm or live at home?

There's a City Campus Deli a block away from the school and if you order a sandwich you get a free drink (a can of a soda to your liking). If I didn't bring anything from home, I order a chicken hero and a can of soda for $4.

Also, sometimes the school hosts events that offer free food! Try to attend thoses, they're usually at the NAC~! And join a club even for a day because they usually offer free food and refreshments. That's what my friends do (Clubs are usually on Tuesday and Thursday).

I can't remember when I received my FA information but because my mom makes a lot of money, I didn't receive any =/

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